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Liveaboard Dive Cruise Central Sulawesi (Banggai - Togian Islands)

Central Sulawesi - Luwuk - Banggai Islands - Togean Islands - Gorontalo
After 7 days in north Sulawesi, I embarked for a 12 days liveaboard cruise to the Banggai Islands, the peninsula of Central Sulawesi and the Togian Islands.

The starting point of the cruise was Luwuk in Central Sulawesi from where we went to the Banggai Island for 2 days. the next 3.5 days of diving to place on some great dive sites of the peninsula of central Sulawesi. The last diving area of the trip were the Togian islands where we go wet for another 5 days. After the days on the Togian islands, the boat went to Gorontalo where we disembarked.

To see the approximate route of the cruise, please click the small map.

Banggai IslandsBanggai Islands
There is currently only one way to dive the Banggai island in central Sulawesi. The Paisubatu 2 is visiting the area a few times per year. Apart from this liveaboard there is no dive base or resort.....(Weiter)
Peninsula of Central SulawesiPeninsula of Central Sulawesi
The pensinsula of central Sulawesi is a surprisingly good diving area. The quality of the dive spot is great. There are nice underwater landscapes which a covered with corals and a lot of other.....(Weiter)
Togian IslandsTogian Islands
The Togian islands are located in the Tomini bay. Apart from the Paisubatu there are a few basic, backpacker style places (Kadidiri Paradise, Black Marlin, Island Retreat) plus one more upmarket.....(Weiter)
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